CMS Grab N’ Go Pantry

Cloverleaf Middle School’s Grab N’ Go is still up and running this year.  This resource, in room 312 at the top of the ramp, is aimed at making sure the basic needs of every student are met.  The Grab N’ Go provides students with access to school supplies, clothing, personal hygiene products, and non-perishable foods.  

The Grab N’ Go is open throughout the school day and anytime the building is open.  Students may gather resources from the Grab N’ Go room to be used during the school day or for use at home.  

How do students access the room?  Students are permitted to visit Grab N’ Go before homeroom, between classes, after school, on the way to the bus, etc.  Students do not need to seek permission to pick up items from the Grab N’ Go. This will operate on the honor system. We ask that students take what they need. 

If a student selects items for home use, they should secure the items in their book bag during the day.  Small grocery bags are available in the Grab N’ Go room for students to carry items home.

If you have questions, feel free to email Mrs. Sholtis at

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