Socktober Final Count

Today was the final day of the Student Council Socktober drive, and you guys knocked our socks off!!  Today’s total is 1311.  To put that in perspective, last year’s five day total was 1350!!  

We hoped to reach 2000 pairs, but we actually beat that…by a lot.  Our total for the week is 3039 pairs of socks!!

Today’s leaderboard3rd place:  Mrs. Ereg‘s home base with 94, 2nd place:  Mr. Murphy‘s home base with 207, and 1st place:  Mrs. Maple‘s home base with 421!!

The overall leaderboard3rd place:  Mr. Murphy‘s home base with 299, 2nd place:  Mrs. Drogell‘s home base with 393, and, pulling the upset and winning donuts:  Mrs. Maple‘s home base ended up in 1st place with 555 pairs of socks!!

A special shout out to the following home bases who had 100 or more donations this week:  Miss Ramey, Mrs. Collum, Mrs. Ereg, Mrs. Baccaire, Mrs. Detwiler, Mrs. Maple, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Gunkelman, and Mrs. Drogell.

Thank you to everyone who donated!!  You did a small deed that will make a great impact for those at the Battered Women’s Shelter and the Lodi Family Center.     

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