CMS Virtual Learning Survey (11/30/20)

Families, we are asking that you take a few minutes to respond to this survey provided at the link below. Your feedback is important to the middle school staff so that we can better serve you and your family during this time. We appreciate you working with us to make virtual learning as valuable as we can for our students. We are asking that you fill out the survey for each middle school student that you have in your home no later than 3:00 pm Thursday, December 3rd. Thank you for your continued support of Cloverleaf Middle School!

IMPORTANT: This survey is for families of students who attended in-person instruction for the first semester that have moved to virtual instruction. Students Attending the Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy (COLA) will be issued a separate survey in the near future.

Link to CMS Virtual Learning Survey

CMS Emerald Key

Emerald Key News: During the first week of remote learning, the students in Emerald Key met with Mr. Eric Hinterman from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to talk about different types of careers.

He shared much information about his team’s research, Mars 2020.  It is a Mars rover mission by NASA’s Mars Exploration Program that includes the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter drone.

It was launched on 30 July 2020 at 11:50 UTC, and will touch down in Jezero crater on Mars on 18 February 2021. The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, which looks for life on Mars. 

CMS Students of the Month

We are happy to announce that the following students have been chosen to receive the Student of the Month Award. Great job, keep up the good work.

Rainey Holderman
Rylan Smykowski
David Hunter lll
Russell Hinderman
Addison Groetz
Haley Robertson
Sophia Kuboff
Brody Adams
Joseph Deyling
Raiden Pilar

CMS Can Food Drive Update

An incredibly massive thank you to everyone who participated in the canned food drive this year! 

We raised 1,613 total items! These items have helped us to restock our student food pantry here at the middle school as well as to help out the Lodi Family Center keep their shelves full for members of our community who are struggling.

 An extra shoutout to Austin S. #Clover Squad for donating a large portion of these items! Thank you everyone for your generosity and have a wonderful weekend and upcoming holiday season. 

Colts Homework Helpline

The CHS National Honor Society is now offering a HOMEWORK HOTLINE for any student who would like to take advantage of the assistance.  No scheduling necessary.  Just drop in at the indicated times below.  The hours the HOTLINE will be staffed by one or more NHS students for this week are as follows (Use Google Classroom code pxqjzkp):

  • Monday 12-4 pm
  • Tuesday  9:30-11:30 and 12-2 and 7-9 pm
  • Wednesday 9:30-11:30 am and 1-4 pm
  • Thursday 12-2 and 7-9 pm
  • Friday 12-1 pm

Cloverleaf Student Meal Distribution

Here is the information regarding our student meal distribution.  We will resume handing out meals for all Cloverleaf students on Thursday, November 12th

 All meal bags will include five breakfasts, five lunches and milk.  

Those interested can pull in to the north end of the elementary school parking lot from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm or  4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Thursdays while the district is temporarily closed.  

There are no sign-up requirements to participate in this food distribution program. These meals are free to all of our Cloverleaf students.  

We will also be distributing the weekender bags on Thursdays as well.  If you are signed up for a weekender bag, please come and pick it up when you get your meal bags.  

We look forward to serving you and your family.  Please contact Carrie Beegle at or 330.302.0312 with any questions you might have.

Thank you and Stay Safe.

CMS Counselors’ Tips and Tricks to Successful Online Learning!

  • Treat each week day the same! 
  • Have structure (follow your teams schedule!)
  • Use this to write it out (or use a white board or paper in your house and hang it up where you can see it)
  • Wake up the same time to ensure your body is on a schedule and ready to learn
  • Eat a HEALTHY breakfast
  • Take breaks when needed, get up and move around
  • Drink lots of water
  • Change into “school clothes” 
  • Keep your phone off (just like you would if you were in class) or keep it on silent while you work
  • Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and work the entire time on one class, take a break when the timer goes off and then start again
  • During break give your eyes and brain a screen break (look at something that doesn’t have a screen – no TV/Phone/Computer)
  • Get fresh air and/or get outside if possible
  • Use a planner to write things down (switch it up from being on the chromebook so much-good for your hands and brain!)
  • Eliminate distractions (don’t have TV on in background, work somewhere that is quiet or with music if that helps you)
  • Actively participate in your classes
  • Take social breaks – chat with friends or family

CMS Transition to Virtual Instruction

Hello CMS families! This post is being shared because we will be transitioning from face-to-face instruction to virtual instruction starting on Monday. The reason for the transition is that our county has moved to level-3 Red with a high incident rate.

Understanding the stress and inconvenience this may causing families, I want to provide some information that may help with your families adjustment to the virtual environment.

Unlike last spring, CMS will be running a building-wide schedule I have provided the schedule for you below.

Understanding that moving to virtual instruction may occur, our teachers have invested a great deal of time and energy to prepare for the best experience possible. Grade-level teams have talked with students, shared schedules/expectations, and shared out specific team information on their team websites that I have included below.


Attendance during virtual instruction is still required of all students. We understand that attendance in a face-to-face environment is much different than in the virtual environment. So, to provide some clarity- “Attending” in a virtual environment will require students to be logged in Google Meet and present for all instructional windows. That includes each morning from 8:55 AM-11:15 AM. and 11:45 AM-1:25 PM. the afternoon windows include small group times that students will be scheduled in by their teachers.

If a child is sick or has a doctors/dentist appointment that will cause them to not attend any or all of the instruction times listed above, parents must call our attendance line (330-302-0205) just like they would in a fact-to-face setting. This would be recorded as an excused absence and teachers will be made aware that the student will not be in attendance that day.

A student’s Failure to attend any of the assigned instructional windows will result in an UNEXCUSED absence. The school is required, by State Law, to monitor attendance and follow the same attendance procedures we would follow in a face-to-face setting. I only bring this up to be proactive and to eliminate confusion on the issue. Thank you in advance for supporting the school’s attendance policy.

As always, if you have questions do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher(s).


Understanding that working from home may present additional issues beyond academics, I have provided a community resource link for families. Please Click Here to connect to the resource guide. Please also know that the middle school counselors are available to support students who struggle socially and emotionally during virtual learning. The following link was provided by Ms. Brooks and Mrs. Miracle explains our counseling services. Click here for CMS Counseling Information- Virtual Supports

CMS Virtual Book Fair

Cloverleaf Middle School

Scholastic Virtual Book Fair

Nov. 3 through Nov. 16

CMS PTO is hosting a virtual book fair.

Proceeds go directly to the teachers to shop for books for their classroom.

Please take a look at this cool interactive shopping site and browse the bookshelves for materials for all ages.

Don´t forget the Holidays are coming and books make great gifts!

Click the link below