CMS Transition to Virtual Instruction

Hello CMS families! This post is being shared because we will be transitioning from face-to-face instruction to virtual instruction starting on Monday. The reason for the transition is that our county has moved to level-3 Red with a high incident rate.

Understanding the stress and inconvenience this may causing families, I want to provide some information that may help with your families adjustment to the virtual environment.

Unlike last spring, CMS will be running a building-wide schedule I have provided the schedule for you below.

Understanding that moving to virtual instruction may occur, our teachers have invested a great deal of time and energy to prepare for the best experience possible. Grade-level teams have talked with students, shared schedules/expectations, and shared out specific team information on their team websites that I have included below.


Attendance during virtual instruction is still required of all students. We understand that attendance in a face-to-face environment is much different than in the virtual environment. So, to provide some clarity- “Attending” in a virtual environment will require students to be logged in Google Meet and present for all instructional windows. That includes each morning from 8:55 AM-11:15 AM. and 11:45 AM-1:25 PM. the afternoon windows include small group times that students will be scheduled in by their teachers.

If a child is sick or has a doctors/dentist appointment that will cause them to not attend any or all of the instruction times listed above, parents must call our attendance line (330-302-0205) just like they would in a fact-to-face setting. This would be recorded as an excused absence and teachers will be made aware that the student will not be in attendance that day.

A student’s Failure to attend any of the assigned instructional windows will result in an UNEXCUSED absence. The school is required, by State Law, to monitor attendance and follow the same attendance procedures we would follow in a face-to-face setting. I only bring this up to be proactive and to eliminate confusion on the issue. Thank you in advance for supporting the school’s attendance policy.

As always, if you have questions do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher(s).


Understanding that working from home may present additional issues beyond academics, I have provided a community resource link for families. Please Click Here to connect to the resource guide. Please also know that the middle school counselors are available to support students who struggle socially and emotionally during virtual learning. The following link was provided by Ms. Brooks and Mrs. Miracle explains our counseling services. Click here for CMS Counseling Information- Virtual Supports

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