CMS Counselors’ Tips and Tricks to Successful Online Learning!

  • Treat each week day the same! 
  • Have structure (follow your teams schedule!)
  • Use this to write it out (or use a white board or paper in your house and hang it up where you can see it)
  • Wake up the same time to ensure your body is on a schedule and ready to learn
  • Eat a HEALTHY breakfast
  • Take breaks when needed, get up and move around
  • Drink lots of water
  • Change into “school clothes” 
  • Keep your phone off (just like you would if you were in class) or keep it on silent while you work
  • Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and work the entire time on one class, take a break when the timer goes off and then start again
  • During break give your eyes and brain a screen break (look at something that doesn’t have a screen – no TV/Phone/Computer)
  • Get fresh air and/or get outside if possible
  • Use a planner to write things down (switch it up from being on the chromebook so much-good for your hands and brain!)
  • Eliminate distractions (don’t have TV on in background, work somewhere that is quiet or with music if that helps you)
  • Actively participate in your classes
  • Take social breaks – chat with friends or family

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