January 19th Return to In-Person Instruction.

Last night at the January, 13th Board Meeting it was announced that school will return to in-person instruction starting Tuesday, January 19th for those students who were already attending in-person instruction for the first semester. The middle school will be following the exact same schedule, procedures, and processes that were implemented in the Fall. If you have any questions please reach out to your teachers.

Students attending the Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy (COLA) for the first semester will continue in the COLA program. If you are a COLA student who will be returning to attend in-person instruction for the second semester you will begin attending in-person classes on Monday January 25th (first day of the second semester).

Friday, January 15th a message will be shared with all of our COLA families who will be returning to in-person instruction on January 25th with orientation information.

I am very excited to welcome all of our students back. We have missed you all over these many weeks away. Welcome back!

2 thoughts on “January 19th Return to In-Person Instruction.

  1. Does COLA also refer to students that have been on Edmentum for the first semester and that will be returning to in person learning for the second semester?

    • COLA students are using Edmentum as their instructional platform. So yes, they are one in the same. Current COLA students will only be returning to in-person instruction if the family completed the request sent out by the district in December. Otherwise, the student will remain in COLA.

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