Emerald Key News

News from Emerald Key: Emerald Key would like to congratulate the students who earned Honor/Merit Roll for the 3rd Quarter. CMS had a total of 340 students earn certificates! Emerald Key would also like to thank Dorothy Davis for being our 4th and final speaker for the year.  Mrs. Davis is the transition coordinator for the district and spoke with the students about the different resources available for college and the Career Center.  She also answered questions about the skills that will be necessary in order to pursue further education and/or job opportunities beyond high school. A big shout out to our committee of students who initiated our community outreach to the Lodi Harrisville Historical Society. It has been a wonderful experience and a great collaboration!

Medina County Career Center

Dear 8th Grade Parents,

Your child’s education and future career success is important to us! We recently collaborated with your school to conduct a career exploration activity with all 8th grade students.


• Toured MCCC labs and classrooms.

• Participated in an Reality Check activity. This activity allows students to explore what their target salary should be to achieve their desired lifestyle.

• Participated in a research activity about different jobs that match their lifestyle choices. During this activity we discussed what kinds of careers might be a good match for them and various pathways to move toward their future career goals.

The MCCC 8th Grade interactive classroom was posted on the Class of 2025 Google Classroom. This is where you can access the activities we provided for the class. We hope you and your student have the opportunity to review it together, continue their career conversation and start developing a plan for their future career success.

If you have any questions about our career exploration activity or the Medina County Career Center, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!

Danielle McMaster, GCDF and Rachel Juszczyk, GCDF

Career Specialists

Medina County Career Center

330-725-8461 | rjuszczyk@mcjvs.edu | dmcmaster@mcjvs.edu

CMS Honor/Merit Roll

Congratulations for all of your hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work!

Honor RollMerit Roll
Bailey, Kennedy6Allis, Shaelyn6
Baltic, Carrigan6Archer, Matthew6
Baltic, Carson6Baldwin, Patrycja6
Baltic, Drew6Burkhart, Rylee6
Bayer, Makinsey6Casey, Mary6
Bazemore, Madeline6Clapp, Mason6
Beier, Brayden6Coe, Brier6
Bishop, Delaney6Colahan, Rachel6
Brownson, Owen6Cooper, Jessica6
Burke, Liam6Crocker, Addison6
Carter, Camden6Cross, Serenity6
Chonko, Jackson6Davis, Kendall6
Clutter, Molly6deLuna, Sage6
Crist, Madelynn6Franklin, Morgan6
Evilsizer, Breanna6Gardiner, Emma6
Firebaugh, Drew6Gilbert, Anthony6
Fitch, Landen6Gray, Adam6
Fitch, Logan6Gray, Ashton6
Graham, Alaina6Habart, Gracie6
Groetz, Gage6Hein, Logan6
Harvey, Breanna6Holderman, Rainey6
Helman, Lola6Josefczyk, Nicholas6
Hinderman, Vincent6Kelly, Andrea6
Jarvis, Kathleen6Kuboff, Sophia6
Jenkins, Matthew6Manns, Marlayna6
Kehoe, Bailey6McCann, Braedon6
Kilgore, Reed6McDouglal, Kaylee6
Malarkey, Quinlan6Mion, Noah6
McConahay, Brandy6Murray-Garver, Jackson6
Pavlik, Branson6Ortega, Antonio6
Plowman, Abigail6Porter, Samantha6
Price, Kellen6Reinhardt, Abigail6
Prok, Kennedie6Ridenour, Justice6
Randall, Gabrielle6Ryncarz, Amelia6
Rhoads, Mason6Stark, Preston6
Schreck, Zane6Werner, Riley6
Schultz, Gracelyn6White, Ava6
Seeley, Lillian6Zufan, Marlena6
Smith, Isaac6Adams, Brody7
Smykowski, Rylan6Angus, Keirstin7
Sprosty, Abigail6Back, Alexander7
Spry, Nina6Bagley, Jason7
Sustersic, Austin6Bene, Chloe7
Thur, Taylor6Bishop, Gauge7
Tolley, James6Bohner, Oliver7
Volk, Lacey6Brentlinger, Ava7
Willig, Aubrey6Bullis, Chayton7
Yagersz, Katelin6Burke, Caleb7
Bennett, Stella6Carwana, Danah7
Cawley, Addison6Cauley, Blake7
Ritchie, Jameyson6Clark, Madison7
Ruse, Heidi6Courie, Trevor7
Smith, Gerry6Craddock, Berkeley7
Walker, Kailyn6Daily, Dominique7
Barth, Genevieve7Dobson, Addison7
Bates, Abigail7Drake, Xavier7
Bohner, Desiauna7Fondale, Rocco7
Croft, Alyson7Foster, Katana7
Crow, Merrin7Fritz, Lauren7
Cummings, Jaxon7Grayshaw, Destiny7
Davis, Gage7Gumm, Timothy7
Dawson, Jillian7Hamilton, Ethan7
Dennis, Tyler7Handlin, Kirsten7
Depew, Gia7Heller, JT7
Durham, Keira7Hunter, Brianna7
Elkevizth, Estella7Hunter, David7
Evans, Addison7Kerr, Collin7
Farren, Annie7Kreider, Jayce7
Fauss, Clinton7Kurtz, Isaiah7
Fodor, Kaitlyn7Lachendro, Lucia7
Forbes, Gavin7Martin, Ethan7
Friedhoff, Grace7Mencke, Lucas7
Gainer, Huckleberry7Miller, Gehrig7
Gray, Ethan7Mion, Nathan7
Hankins, Gage7Morris, Baylee7
Hinderman, Russell7Murphy, Sean7
Hirko, Maegan7Seidowsky, Tyler7
Hyre, Shianne7Smith, Walker7
James, Jackson7Spencer, Olivia7
Johnson, Tristen7Sprankle, Austin7
Kane, Kyle7Stoyko, Reagan7
Keough, Kyle7Sweitzer, Madelyn7
Knapp, Logan7Tomes, Nathaniel7
Letner, Logan7Walters, Raina7
Lloyd, Jozie7Williams, Ariel7
Maslyyak, Ieva7Wise, Jayna7
McNeal, Austin7Archer, Leah8
Morrison, Jennah7Behunin, Azlynn8
Nau, Dominic7Benson, Logan8
Neville, Caleb7Bogucki, Tristin8
Normant, Chloe7Brankenship, Kylar8
Norris, Lilah7Broderick, Abagail8
Peacock, Saige7Brooks, Hunter8
Popiel, Simon7Charek, Riley8
Potter, Dixie7Dell, Kylie8
Reed, Austin7Deyling, Joseph8
Remaley, Luke7Foley, Sarah8
Rivera, Elias7Fridley, Alyssa8
Rubes, Owen7Gasper, Natalie8
Shetterly, Payten7Hlucky, Troy8
Shook, Kayla7Irwin, Emma8
Sisler, Landon7Jones, Madalin8
Sitko, Caroline7Jordan, Taylor8
Skipper, Damarlea7Josefczyk, Bailey8
Thomas, Hailey7Kitchen, Christine8
Thompson, Jayden7Koran, Adam8
Topola, Abigail7Lassiter, Jessyka8
Wahl, Jackson7Lear, Ava8
Wershing, Alex7McKenzie, Erianna8
Whitacre, Bailey7Mencke, Lillian8
Woodrum, Rhionna7Miller, Josh8
Young, Braylon7Miller, Khera8
Young, Madison7Moran, Martin8
Zammert, Aaron7Nagy, Julia8
Bohan, Mallory8O’Neil, Devin8
Cooper, Bryce8Price, Owen8
Dunlap, David8Rasch, Estelle8
Kurianowicz, Emmah8Richardson, Lillian8
Lin, Cindy8Robertson, Haley8
McAfee, Claire8Salyer, Bryson8
Pelka, Irelyn8Seiwerth, Mackenzie8
Porras, Alejandro8Stallings, Gwen8
Rivera, Anthony8Tolley, Margaret8
Barczyk, Ronan8Turk, Breydon8
Izzo, Gabriella8Voelker, David8
Armogida, Joseph8Waggaman, Makenna8
Malikowski, Nathan8Watts, Julian8
Monhemius, Vanessa8Weigle, Zoey8
Percy, Noah8Wittman, Dylan8
Shimko, Jasmine8Zirkle, Royce8
Parsons, Everett8
Myers, Benjamin8
Whitehair, Carter8
Stout, Riley8
Cavey, Brooklyn8
Brownson, Zackary8
McConnell, Presly8
Campbell, Kierston8
Gibson, Callee8
Stephens, Asa8
Groetz, Addison8
Siordia, Isabela8
Letner, Jordan8
Hibler, Emma8
Foky, Saige8
Ellebruch, Logan8
Kirby, Samantha8
Beers, Madeline8
Homan, Jase8
Mencke, Emerson8
Leonard, Addison8
Fike, Lydia8
Wertman, Shannon8
Gray, Abagale8
Kelly, Sarah8
Hines, Taylor8
Gosnell, Kason8

CMS 2021 Spring State Testing

This is a notification that Ohio State Testing will take place this April at the middle school. Testing schedules will vary depending on if your child attends In-person or COLA. Below are the dates for each test based on each child’s educational setting.

COLA Testing Schedule:

  • ELA (grades 6-8) part 1 and part 2- April 7th
  • Math (grades 6-8) part 1 and part 2- April 14th
  • Science (8th-grade only) part 1 and part 2- April 21st

In-Person Schedule:

  • ELA (grades 6-8) part 1- April 13th
  • ELA (grades 6-8) part 2- April 14th
  • Math (grades 6-8) part 1- April 20th
  • Math (grades 6-8) part 2- April 21st
  • Science (8th-grade only) part 1- April 27th
  • Science (8th-grade only) part 2- April 28th

Parents of our COLA students should have received several emails over the past month regarding schedule details, and location of testing.

All in-person students will test each morning and have regular classes each afternoon.

Regardless of whether your child is attending our COLA program or in-person there are some important things to be aware of.

  • Students are not permitted to have cellphones or other personal devices in their possessions during testing. If a student brings a cell phone or personal device to a testing session the device must be collected by the test administrator and will not be returned until the testing session has concluded.
  • ALL students must bring their district-issued Chrome book to school fully charged.
  • ALL students must bring the charging cord for their district-issued Chromebook with them to their testing location.
  • Please ensure your child gets sufficient sleep and eats healthy the night before testing.

CMS – “Did you know?”

Did you know? At CMS we are always working to improve the connection our students have with our school. In the past two years, we have begun a system of promoting positive behaviors through preventive interventions (PBIS). If you have not heard of our PBIS program, check out some of the things we are currently doing!

  1. We love to recognize kids for doing the right thing! One way we do this is through Colt Pride Tickets, which are QR codes that students can scan with their Chromebooks to enter a raffle style drawing. They can choose to enter for a smaller weekly prize or one of our larger quarterly prizes. These have included everything from a pass to wear a hat to school to echo dots and LED lights!
  2. Our teachers can also recognize our students with a positive referral. When a student receives one of these, we will send their family a “fridge-worthy” certificate with a personalized write up from their teacher!
  3. All of our students are familiar with our behavior matrix. The matrix lays out the behaviors we expect our students to have in the different locations of our school. Next time you are in our building, keep an eye out for our expectation posters hung around the building!
  4. After another Ohio winter, everyone wants to get up and move. Teams are working to give our students opportunities to move and play, however, we still need students to follow the expectations of our building. Please remind your student to be mindful of the matrix and end this year on yet another successful run! We can’t thank each of you enough for your impact and support. 

Please take a minute to review our behavioral expectations with you student. The behavior matrix can be found here — MATRIX

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports