CMS – “Did you know?”

Did you know? At CMS we are always working to improve the connection our students have with our school. In the past two years, we have begun a system of promoting positive behaviors through preventive interventions (PBIS). If you have not heard of our PBIS program, check out some of the things we are currently doing!

  1. We love to recognize kids for doing the right thing! One way we do this is through Colt Pride Tickets, which are QR codes that students can scan with their Chromebooks to enter a raffle style drawing. They can choose to enter for a smaller weekly prize or one of our larger quarterly prizes. These have included everything from a pass to wear a hat to school to echo dots and LED lights!
  2. Our teachers can also recognize our students with a positive referral. When a student receives one of these, we will send their family a “fridge-worthy” certificate with a personalized write up from their teacher!
  3. All of our students are familiar with our behavior matrix. The matrix lays out the behaviors we expect our students to have in the different locations of our school. Next time you are in our building, keep an eye out for our expectation posters hung around the building!
  4. After another Ohio winter, everyone wants to get up and move. Teams are working to give our students opportunities to move and play, however, we still need students to follow the expectations of our building. Please remind your student to be mindful of the matrix and end this year on yet another successful run! We can’t thank each of you enough for your impact and support. 

Please take a minute to review our behavioral expectations with you student. The behavior matrix can be found here — MATRIX

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

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