CMS 2021 Spring State Testing

This is a notification that Ohio State Testing will take place this April at the middle school. Testing schedules will vary depending on if your child attends In-person or COLA. Below are the dates for each test based on each child’s educational setting.

COLA Testing Schedule:

  • ELA (grades 6-8) part 1 and part 2- April 7th
  • Math (grades 6-8) part 1 and part 2- April 14th
  • Science (8th-grade only) part 1 and part 2- April 21st

In-Person Schedule:

  • ELA (grades 6-8) part 1- April 13th
  • ELA (grades 6-8) part 2- April 14th
  • Math (grades 6-8) part 1- April 20th
  • Math (grades 6-8) part 2- April 21st
  • Science (8th-grade only) part 1- April 27th
  • Science (8th-grade only) part 2- April 28th

Parents of our COLA students should have received several emails over the past month regarding schedule details, and location of testing.

All in-person students will test each morning and have regular classes each afternoon.

Regardless of whether your child is attending our COLA program or in-person there are some important things to be aware of.

  • Students are not permitted to have cellphones or other personal devices in their possessions during testing. If a student brings a cell phone or personal device to a testing session the device must be collected by the test administrator and will not be returned until the testing session has concluded.
  • ALL students must bring their district-issued Chrome book to school fully charged.
  • ALL students must bring the charging cord for their district-issued Chromebook with them to their testing location.
  • Please ensure your child gets sufficient sleep and eats healthy the night before testing.

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