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Socktober Final Count

Today was the final day of the Student Council Socktober drive, and you guys knocked our socks off!!  Today’s total is 1311.  To put that in perspective, last year’s five day total was 1350!!  

We hoped to reach 2000 pairs, but we actually beat that…by a lot.  Our total for the week is 3039 pairs of socks!!

Today’s leaderboard3rd place:  Mrs. Ereg‘s home base with 94, 2nd place:  Mr. Murphy‘s home base with 207, and 1st place:  Mrs. Maple‘s home base with 421!!

The overall leaderboard3rd place:  Mr. Murphy‘s home base with 299, 2nd place:  Mrs. Drogell‘s home base with 393, and, pulling the upset and winning donuts:  Mrs. Maple‘s home base ended up in 1st place with 555 pairs of socks!!

A special shout out to the following home bases who had 100 or more donations this week:  Miss Ramey, Mrs. Collum, Mrs. Ereg, Mrs. Baccaire, Mrs. Detwiler, Mrs. Maple, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Gunkelman, and Mrs. Drogell.

Thank you to everyone who donated!!  You did a small deed that will make a great impact for those at the Battered Women’s Shelter and the Lodi Family Center.     

Socktober Update

Socktober Day 4 update:  Today’s total number of socks collected is 583

 Our four-day total is 1753!  
The overall leaderboard (and in the running for donuts):

–5th place – Mr. Murphy‘s home base with 92 pairs

–4th place – Mrs. Gunkelman‘s home base with 97 pairs

–3rd place – Mrs. Detwiler’s home base with 103 pairs

–2nd place – Mrs. Maple’s home base with 134 pairs

 –1st place – Miss Drogell‘s home base with 382 pairs!!

**Special thank you to the remote students for their donations!!  They are appreciated!!**

Tomorrow is the last day of Student Council’s Socktober drive.  

Socktober Update

Socktober Drive update:  CMS collected 412 pairs of socks today, bringing our three-day total to 1170!  We are 181 pairs away from beating last year’s total and there are two days remaining in the Socktober drive!  Remember – all donations will go to the Lodi Family Center and the Battered Women’s Shelter.  Thanks for your support!

7th Grade Career Exploration

On Monday, October 12th 7th Grade students had a virtual visit from the Medina County Career Center. Students met with Danielle McMaster and Rachel Juszczyk, the Career Connectors from the Career Center, to explore Career interests.

The students watched a video on the various opportunities the Career Center offers to students during their Junior and Senior year. The students utilized the Career Cluster Inventory tool to identify their strengths and interests that they should consider when pursuing future career options. Students then did research based on their career results.

The 7th Graders utilized an interactive Google Classroom as a part of the Career Center’s virtual visit. The Google Classroom allowed students to watch the videos, complete a Career Cluster Inventory, and explore career paths that the Career Center offers.

Click here to access the Career Center Google Classroom

Socktober Update

Day 2 – Socktober update:  Today, we collected 266 pairs of socks, bringing us to a two-day total of 733!  We are hoping to break 1000 tomorrow, so donate if you can.  Even one pair of socks makes a difference.  CMS Student Council thanks you for your support!

Scheduling Information for CMS Conference Night

On October 22nd, from 4-8 PM, CMS will be conducting parent/teacher conferences.

Parents, please click on the following link to schedule your conference time(s).


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Teachers will be conducting virtual conferences this year with parents. Teachers will utilize Google Meet to conduct video conferences based on the scheduled time. Teachers will share the appropriate link to Google Meet with parents before the meeting. 

If you need to hold your conference by phone rather than Google Meet, please reach out to the teacher, and they will be happy to accommodate you.


THANK YOU to the CMS students and staff for making Day 1 of Student Council’s Socktober drive a success!  Our one day total is 467 pairs of socks!  We can’t wait to see how the rest of the week goes!  

Remember – the home base with the most socks collected at the end of the drive gets a donut breakfast!

Remote students – We’ve provided you with a contact-free drop off.  There is a green garbage can by the cafeteria doors with the Socktober flyer on it where you can easily drop your donations.

Thank you,CMS Student Council

CMS First Quarter Interim

Hello students and parents! This past Friday, September 9th marked the the end our 5th week of the first quarter. We are just over the halfway point of the first grading period, which ends Friday, November 6th. Please take some time to review grades and academic progress up to this point in ProgressBook. If you have questions regarding please reach out to the appropriate teacher. It is always best to be proactive in addressing concerns as soon as possible.

7th Grade Vaccinations

If you received a letter regarding missing vaccinations, proof of the required 7th grade vaccinations are due in the clinic by Tuesday, Oct. 13th.  If your child has not received the required vaccinations yet, please call the school nurse at 330.302.020 with your scheduled vaccination appointment date or visit your local pharmacy if your insurance covers the Tdap and Meningitis A vaccines.

Thank you!