About Brian Madigan

Principal, Cloverleaf Middle School

Perfect Attendance Athletic Passes

In years past we have allowed students with perfect attendance passes free admission to our athletic events. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been strict guidelines imposed that require us to limit our spectator capacity at athletic events. For this school year, we will not be able to honor perfect attendance passes at our athletic events.

Great Start!

Students, staff, and parents, I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for a fantastic opening day!  The students handled themselves with incredible maturity and understanding as they managed the most unusual opening day that any of us has ever experienced!  

To our staff: Thank you, once again, for providing incredible leadership and guidance to our students.  Thank you for your calm and steady demeanor as we navigated through our day.  

To our parents: Thank you for your continued support and staying engaged with the steady stream of communication that has come your way in preparation for our first day of school.  

I truly believe that education is a community effort, and today solidified that belief.  Our students, staff, and parents’ collective work serves as a great lesson in overcoming adversity.  I look forward to more great days ahead!

Proud to be a Colt!


Successful Start for COLA Troubleshooting Guide

6th – 12th Grade

  1. Login to Your Device
    1. Students should log in to any device with their username which begins with their first initial, full last name, and their graduation year and ends with our student domain.
      1. (Ex. jboggs.24@students.cloverleaflocal.org)
    2. Student passwords should be their first and last initial followed by their first six digits of their lunch code.  You can find their code in DASL.
      1. (Ex. jb123456)
    3. If students cannot log in: they should email their facilitator for help:
      1. 11-12 Grade: scott.bell@cloverleaflocal.org
      2. 9-10 Grade: jim.humiston@cloverleaflocal.org
      3. 8th Grade: jamison.manix@cloverleaflocal.org
      4. 7th Grade: jamison.manix@cloverleaflocal.org or bj.carson@cloverleaflocal.org
      5. 6th Grade: bj.carson@cloverleaflocal.org
  2. Go to Google Classroom
    1. All teachers invited all COLA students to their Google Classrooms.
    2. Students should accept the invitation to “Join.”
    3. After “joining,” there will be instructions on how to login to Edmentum Courseware.
      1. Students will also see a Task Board of assignments helping guide them through their day.
  3. Login to Edmentum Courseware
    1. The following pattern will be used to login
      1. Account: clsd1 (for all students)
      2. Username: See below for grade-specific login information
        1. 10th-12th Grade Students – Same as Cloverleaf account (Ex. jboggs.22)
        2. 6th-9th Grade Students – First Name.Last Name (Ex. josh.boggs)
      3. Password is “password” for all accounts
    2. Students should begin any pre-assessments
    3. If any classes are wrong; students/parents should reach out to their Guidance Counselor for official changes.
  4. Students with Special Services
    1. Students with special services are not using Edmentum, but Educere instead.
    2. Have them check their email
      1. They should have received an email from Educere this morning.
    3. If not they should reach out to their case manager:
      1. Megan McGreer (CMS): megan.mcgreer@cloverleaflocal.org
      2. Alison Hanudel ( CHS): alison.hanudel@cloverleaflocal.org
      3. Blair Shimandle (CES): blair.shimandel@cloverleaflocal.org
    1. Parents/students can email Josh Boggs the following information: your student’s name, current grade, and their phone number and I will call them.

We ask that families please be patient as we are addressing each issue on an individual basis as the are submitted. Thank you!

CMS Final Notes for Opening Day (September 8th)

Well the long awaited first day of the 2020-2021 school year is here! The middle school staff is excited to kick off the new school year on September 8th. The purpose of this blog post is to provide some reminders and additional details to our students attending in person. I hope this helps everyone feel comfortable for the first day of classes in such a unique year. The following information is the cliff notes version of many previous messages that have been shared throughout the summer. I hope this information helps to relieve any last minute anxieties that may exist for our students and parents.

Students attending the Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy (COLA) will be contacted by your child’s district facilitator with further instructions. Link to COLA information

To our parents of our in person students, all you need to do is ensure your child arrives to the building and our staff will take if from there! We are looking forward to a great year.

  • Action Required by students right away– The following is a link from a previous post that was shared. Students need to complete the form located at the link to select their breakfast and lunch choices for the first day of school. In the future students will complete this form during the school day. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Link to the breakfast and lunch form for September 8th. I am aware there was an initial issue with the link to the form for students to complete. That issue has been corrected. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Student Mask Requirements: Students will be required to wear masks on the bus during both morning and afternoon runs. For students who will be dropped of at the school by their parents, masks are required upon entering the school building in the morning. Students will be required to wear a face mask in all spaces of the school per the Governor’s order. It is encouraged for students to bring their own face mask to school. In the case that is not possible, face masks will be available on the bus and in the building. The face mask must cover both the nose and mouth.
  • Doors will open to the middle school for students to enter at 7:20 AM each morning. Upon entering the building, students will walk directly to their homeroom classroom that is listed on their schedule that is available on Progress Book. Link the schedule information. Students will have specific entrances in the morning based on grade levels.
    • 8th grade will enter through the Cafeteria entrance (same doors that they have always entered).
    • 6th and 7th grade students will enter through the set of doors by the entrance to the Main Office. These doors are just East of the Cafeteria doors the 8th grade will be entering.
    • Our goal is to maintain our traditional student start to the day of 7:30 AM. However, we will be flexible to start the year since we are not sure how long arrival will take with our new procedures. If necessary we will adjust the tardy bell to a reasonable time frame if 7:30 AM is not appropriate.
  • School supplies will be provided to every student again this year. The supplies will be in your child’s homeroom waiting for them at their desk upon arriving on September 8th. Link to CMS supply information.
    • This year students in grades 6-8 will be issued a district Chromebook. We are asking parents to support our staff by reminding students to charge their Chromebooks each night, and ensure that they take them to school each day. In our current environment, teachers will be maximizing digital spaces to help support a healthy and safe environment, to ensure efficiency in handing out and collecting student work, and to enhance communication.
    • The one supply I am asking families to provide is headphones or ear buds. Link additional headphone/earbud information.
  • Departure of the students will begin at 2:28 PM. Buses will depart by 2:45 PM. If you are planning on picking up your child after school, your child will be dismissed from the building once the buses have exited. This is for safety reasons. Once the buses are cleared you may use the driveway in the front of the building to pick up your child.

Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy Update

Here are some quick bullet points I hope will help you answer some of the questions Regarding the Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy.

1) All students have been sent an invitation to join a facilitator’s Google Classroom.

2) Be sure your child logs in with their Cloverleaf Google account to accept the invitation.

  • Student Google account login instructions (all lower case):
    • User name: email address (i.e. bmadigan.27@students.cloverleaflocal.org). The number “27” in the username is the graduation year of your child.
    • Password: first initial, last name, six digit lunch code (i.e. bmadigan111111)

3) Coursework through Edmentum will go live on the first day of school, which is September 8th (Students won’t be able to see classes until then).

4) If the student needs help logging into Edmentum or has trouble with their account, instructions can be found on the Online Academy website Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy To navigate the website utilize the tool bar located on the left side of the screen.

If you have any addition questions or concerns about the Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy please reach out to Mr. Josh Boggs  josh.boggs@cloverleaflocal.org



In order to increase our efficiency for breakfast and lunch, we are asking families to fill out the form below to get an accurate count for breakfast and lunches on the first day of school. Please click the link below if your student plans on receiving a school breakfast and/or lunch on the first day.


Lunch Menu for September below.

Middle School Menu – Food Services – Caldwell School District