PTO Fundraiser Update

Hi! Just a friendly reminder our KidStuff sale has ended and all orders are due. Please send in payment of $25 for your KidStuff Book, download the app, by entering the code from the front of your book to enjoy 12 months of savings on the go! 

Use KidStuff as a guide for awesome places to go and thrilling things to do with your family close to home and while traveling! If you are not purchasing or selling books, please immediately return your book to school. We earn 50% profit…This is a great fundraiser for our school and your family will save lots of money!

Dawn Hagenbaugh, Paraprofessional Cloverleaf Middle School

Meet the Staff at CMS

Meet BJ Carson, she is a Seventh Grade Science Teacher.  She has worked for Cloverleaf for Eighteen Years. BJ’s roots have been with Cloverleaf for awhile, as she graduated from Cloverleaf, as well as her parents and her two sons.  She also has three step children who attend Bellevue Schools. BJ received her Master’s degree from Walden University.  In her spare time, BJ has a boat at Cedar Point and loves to visit the  park every weekend. Cloverleaf Middle School is her home away from home. She loves seeing the kids and everyday is a new adventure.  She feels she knows Cloverleaf Middle School as well as anyone and enjoys coming here everyday. BJ chose education to help students reach and realize their full potential and enjoy learning and growing up.

Meet Deanna Lacko, she is a Paraprofessional who is in charge of the Media Center.  She has worked for Cloverleaf for 12 ½ years. She is also an advisor to our Middle School’s Teen Institute, yearbook and Chatter programs.  After graduation, she attended Hondros College. She is married with two children. In her spare time she enjoys snowmobile riding, reading and swimming.  Deanna loves working at Cloverleaf because she enjoys working with the kids. She chose education because she enjoys working with kids.

7th Grade Career Education

Dear Parents, 

Your child’s education and future career success is important to us! We recently collaborated with your school to conduct a career exploration activity with all 7th grade students. 

How did it work? Students… 

  • Viewed a short video about various career options. 
  • Played The Career Game, which is a survey-type booklet that reveals students’ interests and strengths to determine their career type. 
  • Participated in a group discussion about their career type. During this conversation we discussed what kinds of careers might be a good match for them and various pathways to move toward their future career goals. 

Your student has a copy of their Career Game booklet. We hope you and your student have the opportunity to review it together, continue their career conversation and start developing a plan for their future career success. 

If you have any questions about our career exploration activity or the Medina County Career Center, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
Thank you!

Rachel Juszczyk and Danielle McMaster
Medina County Career Center
330-725-8461  |  |

6th Grade Honor / Merit Roll

Barth, Genevieve6Adams, Brody6
Bohner, Desiauna6Back, Alexander6
Brentlinger, Ava6Balyer, Drake6
Carwana, Danah6Blackburn, Saphira6
Clark, Madison6Bohner, Oliver6
Craddock, Berkeley6Burke, Caleb6
Croft, Alyson6Cooper, Shayann6
Crow, Merrin6Davis, Gage6
Cummings, Jaxon6Drake, Xavier6
Dalton, Avrielle6Fondale, Rocco6
Dawson, Jillian6Gainer, Huckleberry6
Decoster, Ethan6Gray, Ethan6
Dennis, Tyler6Grayshaw, Destiny6
Depew, Gia6Handlin, Kirsten6
Dobson, Addison6Herdman, Vladislav6
Durham, Keira6Hinderman, Russell6
Elkevizth, Estella6Hirko, Maegan6
Evans, Addison6Hoisington, Kirra6
Fauss, Clinton6Johnson, Tristen6
Forbes, Gavin6Kerr, Collin6
Hamilton, Ethan6Klann, Anna6
Hankins, Gage6Lindenmuth, Noah6
James, Jackson6Mason-Ware, Cassandra6
Kane, Kyle6Miller, Gehrig6
Knapp, Logan6Miller, James6
Kurtz, Isaiah6Murphy, Sean6
Letner, Logan6Normant, Chloe6
Lloyd, Jozie6Peacock, Saige6
McNeal, Austin6Peterson, Aiden6
Mencke, Lucas6Potter, Dixie6
Mion, Nathan6Reed, Austin6
Nau, Dominic6Riley, Jordyn6
Neville, Caleb6Rivera, Elias6
Norris, Lilah6Rubes, Owen6
Popiel, Simon6Saksa, Colin6
Seidowsky, Tyler6Saunders, Juliana6
Shook, Kayla6Shetterly, Payten6
Sitko, Caroline6Sokolowski, Eryka6
Smith, Walker6Spencer, Olivia6
Stoyko, Reagan6Sprankle, Austin6
Thomas, Hailey6Tomasko, Zoey6
Thompson, Jayden6Wahl, Jackson6
Topola, Abigail6Yagersz, Brooke6
Walters, Raina6Young, Madison6
Wershing, Alex6
Whitacre, Bailey6
Woodrum, Rhionna6
Young, Braylon6
Zammert, Aaron6

7th Grade Honor / Merit Roll

Armogida, Joseph7Archer, Leah7
Barczyk, Ronan7Baughman, Anastasia7
Beers, Madeline7Benson, Logan7
Behunin, Azlynn7Blankenship, Kylar7
Bogucki, Tristin7Busch, Dylan7
Bohan, Mallory7Carpenter, Brenna7
Bowman, Joshua7Cesareo, Joseph7
Brooks, Hunter7Collins, Adrianna7
Brownson, Zackary7Combs, Clay7
Bundy, Aiden7Donohue, Carson7
Campbell, Kierston7Dunlap, David7
Cavey, Brooklyn7Dye, Jaden7
Crocker, Ethan7Fortney, Camrin7
Dell, Kylie7Gray, Abagale7
Deyling, Joseph7Gregoire, Peyton7
Dudsak, Kylee7Harrod, Natalie7
Ellebruch, Logan7Irwin, Emma7
Fike, Lydia7Kelly, Sarah7
Foky, Saige7Kirby, Isabel7
Foley, Sarah7Kitchen, Christine7
Gasper, Natalie7Koran, Adam7
Gibson, Callee7Kurianowicz, Emmah7
Groetz, Addison7Laney, Nataly7
Hendrock, Alivia7Lear, Ava7
Hibler, Emma7Lloyd, Brennen7
Hines, Taylor7Mackey, McKenna7
Hlucky, Troy7Massey, Travis7
Homan, Jase7McKenzie, Erianna7
Izzo, Gabriella7Mencke, Lillian7
Jordan, Taylor7Miller, Khera7
Josefczyk, Bailey7Newman, Cameron7
Judson, Elinor7Novick, Rylee7
Kirby, Samantha7Oakes, Gavin7
Koval, Derek7Patterson, Gavynn7
Lassiter, Jessyka7Price, Owen7
Leonard, Addison7Roberts, Stephanie7
Letner, Jordan7Roush, Lucille7
Malikowski, Nathan7Stiteler, Payton7
Matheney, Annalyse7Sweitzer, Carson7
McAfee, Claire7Tackett, Katelyn7
McConnell, Presly7Tomasko, Sophia7
Mencke, Emerson7Watts, Julian7
Monhemius, Vanessa7Woyma, Cameron7
Moran, Martin7Zirkle, Royce7
Myers, Benjamin77
Nagy, Julia77
Parsons, Everett77
Pelka, Irelyn77
Percy, Noah77
Porras, Alejandro7
Rich, Josephine7
Richardson, Lillian7
Rivera, Anthony7
Robertson, Haley7
Salyer, Bryson7
Seiwerth, Mackenzie7
Shimko, Jasmine7
Siordia, Isabela7
Stallings, Gwen7
Stephens, Asa7
Stout, Riley7
Tolley, Margaret7
Tryon, Dawson7
Turk, Breydon7
Voelker, David7
Webb, Izak7
Weigle, Zoey7
Wertman, Shannon7
Whitehair, Carter7
Wittman, Dylan7
Zayed, Amina7

8th Grade Honor Merit Roll


Baltic, Isaac8Arnold, Melody8
Barnett, Reese8Atkinson, Gamble8
Bazemore, Emma8Baginski, Ruth8
Bohner, Samuel8Blaha, Thomas8
Brandt, Victoria8Brooks, Austin8
Bresnahan, Dylan8Catlin, Alyssa8
Colahan, Gabrielle8Cauley, Gavin8
Craddock, Tristan8Cieslinski, Peyton8
Crites, Kiersten8Davis, Garrett8
Donofrio, Emily8DeMell, Kourtni8
Donohue, Hailey8Drake, Graeme8
Evans, Riley8Durham, Erin8
Fijalkovich, Abigail8Elder, Donovan8
Forbes, Logan8Gasper, Cael8
Frasz, Isabella8Gasper, Talon8
Goldsberry, Grace8Gruber, Aidan8
Gucker, Brooke8Hayhurst, Grayson8
Jackman, Brady8Hein, Mackenzie8
James, Emma8Heller, Nicholas8
Jarvis, Hayden8Hendrock, Kaylee8
Jensch, Lauren8Hoff, Rosalin8
Jones, Sydney8Jason, Mallory8
Knapp, Megan8Keller, Bradach8
Kogler, Allyson8Knapp, Jarrett8
Kott, Avery8Kulas, Morgan8
Lightner, Joseph8Lipka, Branden8
Manbeck, Emma8Miller, Jeris8
Matheny, Kaylee8Nye, Kaden8
May, Alissa8Pavlovicz, Grace8
McConnell, Peyton8Remaley, Seth8
McMaster, Brianna8Rogalski, William8
McMillan, Aidan8Schmidt, Grace8
McQuown, Grace8Sivapatham, Anjali8
Motz, Carson8Snyder, Morgan8
Naftzger, Sarah8Stepp, Veronica8
Patterson, Nathan8Strader, Brooke8
Peacock, Jace8Stutz, Shealynn8
Petersen, Donna8Wilson, Kemp8
Petrocci, Gabriella8Yagersz, Jonathan8
Petrocci, Griffin8
Petrocci, Sophia8
Pittman, Medora8
Randall, Alexander8
Riggs, Kaden8
Rubes, Evan8
Scherler, Sidney8
Schultz, Frederick8
Shieff, Cassandra8
Sivapatham, Dhevan8
Snyder, Madison8
Steele, Terry8
Stensaker, Elizabeth8
Vaughn, Claire8
Walkuski, Brianna8
Yagersz, Allison8
Young, Chase8

Student Council Socktober Success!

Student Council would like to thank everyone who donated to CMS’s first Socktober! As a school, we collected 1,350 pairs of socks that will go to the Battered Women’s Shelter and the Lodi Family Center.

Thank you, Claire Vaughn, for bringing this wonderful idea to our school!

Congratulations to Mrs. Detwiler’s homeroom, for bringing in 50 pairs of socks today! As a result, they won a donut party!  

Free Ebooks and Audio Books


This year our students have the opportunity to borrow Ebooks and Audio books for free. These can be borrowed to Chromebooks , Kindles, and phones.  Cloverleaf Middle school’s books include young adult novels and they have more mature content than our hard copies. We would like you to be aware of this.  We tell our students to only read what they feel comfortable reading. Parents, you can guide them with this as well.  


  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Search for
  3. Go to My School isn’t listed.
  4. Type in Cloverleaf and click this is my school.
  5. Select Cloverleaf Middle School
  6. Username = Google Account
  7. Password = Google Account Password
  8. Click on the three lines in the right corner (menu) and click add a public library- choose Clevnet and this is my library.
  9. Add a Sora shortcut if asked- add and install.

Borrow whatever you want from our collection or Clevnet.  If it is checked out, you can put a hold on it.